Amazing Tracks That Bend, Flex & Glow!

Magic Tracks Expansion Kit

Magic Tracks Expansion Kit

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  • Glows in the Dark
  • Compatible with all Magic Tracks Sets
  • Includes 12 additional track pieces

What's better than Magic Tracks? Having MORE Magic Tracks!

Let your child expand their creativity with 11 feet of additional track segments. Magic Tracks Expansion Kits are compatible with all Magic Tracks sets, and bend, flex, and glow in straight lines, around corners, up bridges and obstacles, and more. The fun starts immediately!

Rated 2 out of 5 stars by S.B. on 4/6/2020

The kit they sent me do not glow in the dark as the website says. The newer tracks that come with the rc cars do glow in the dark and are of a higher quality, but the expansion kit they sent me are lower quality, not not glow in the dark and break easier. Dissapointed. They do not match the newer rc kit tracks.

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